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A brain injury can be as mild as a bump or as severe as a skull bone fracture. If you’ve suffered a major brain injury, Ness Law’s traumatic brain injury lawyer in Los Angeles can get you the full and fair compensation you deserve.

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Brain injuries affect different people in different ways. For some, it can cause a minor concussion. While for others, it can lead to fractures or in more severe cases, even paralysis. In this case, hiring a lawyer doesn’t just increase your settlement odds. Your lawyer should be a trusted advisor and friend throughout your case. A Los Angeles brain injury attorney specializing in TBI claims can protect your rights and guarantee you receive appropriate compensation while providing personalized care.

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Our Los Angeles Traumatic Brain Injury Attorney Can Help You Understand Your Legal Options

Getting the best brain injury lawyer in Los Angeles is extremely crucial given the sensitive nature of the injury that has occurred. A good lawyer can do the following to make a strong case and get you the compensation you deserve:

  • Get your medical records to prove the severity of your brain injury
  • Identifying the party responsible for your costs and pursuing compensation from them
  • Evaluating your financial and emotional losses and what to do with that information
  • Negotiating a fair deal with the insurance company
  • Acquiring proof of the extent to which your brain damage has altered your life
  • Take legal action if necessary to ensure you’re compensated fairly for your loss

Hovik Oganesyan

Hovik Oganesyan

Traumatic Brain Injury: Types, Symptoms & More

Ness Law Firm’s traumatic brain injury lawyer in Los Angeles, CA will battle for the best settlement if you choose us. Depending on the circumstances, you may receive monetary and intangible losses. Economic damages include compensation for missed wages, medical expenditures, and reduced earning potential. Pain, disability, and loss of life enjoyment are noneconomic costs that can be compensated.

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Ness Law Firm’s traumatic brain injury attorneys in Los Angeles, CA are experts in personal injury law. We will understand your situation and represent you well.

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We love serving consumers. Ness Law Firm treats each client uniquely. We’ll work with you to determine your needs to reach the greatest outcome.

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Our success is proven. Due to its experience and successful verdicts and settlements, Ness Law Firm is well-known in personal injury law, handling your case smoothly.

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Your road to recovery starts with a simple phone call. Contact us now and take the first step towards securing the justice and compensation you deserve. Remember, you are not alone in this fight – we are just a phone call away.

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Traumatic Brain Injury Lawyer in LA Prosecuting Your Case With Intensity and Passion

Brains are complex and their injuries’ short- and long-term repercussions make prognosis difficult. These injuries often require lifetime treatment. Depending on the injury, the victim may need 24-hour care. Brain injury can cause memory loss and prevent work.

Our traumatic brain injury lawyer in Los Angeles, California understands how these injuries affect you, the accident victim, and your family. We will help you get financial assistance for hospital bills, lost wages, continued medical treatment, and other injury-related expenses. You need enough compensation to move onward. So call us today at (818) 435-9673 and get your case evaluated by our team of experts.


Frequently Asked Question

Am I eligible for compensation for my brain injury or that of my relative?

Brain damage can be compensated if someone else was negligent in performing a reasonable duty of care. If so, their medical expenditures and future treatment may be covered. Future lost profits or decreased earning capacity may be compensable. Money damages could also include brain injury-related sadness, lost wages, and anxiety. The injured person’s spouse can also seek loss of consortium damages, which are based on how the injuries affected the marriage.

What are some common causes of a traumatic brain injury?

Common causes of a traumatic brain injury include:

  • Violent assaults
  • Shooting
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Sports and recreational activities
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Military attack or bomb blast
What is the statute of limitation for traumatic brain injuries in California?

The statute of limitation in California for a traumatic brain injury is two years from the date the injury occurred. If the injury was not discovered immediately, the time limit is one year from the date the injury was discovered.