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Accidents leading to scars and disfigurement take a toll not just on your physical health but also on your mental health. Ness Law has a team of best disfigurement lawyers in Los Angeles, CA to get you the fair compensation that you deserve for your losses.

How Can a Disfigurement Lawyer Help?

When facing the profound impact of disfigurement, our specialized disfigurement lawyer provides compassionate legal support. We advocate fiercely to secure compensation for physical and emotional distress. Trust our experienced team to navigate the legal complexities, ensuring you receive the rightful compensation and support needed for recovery. Consult us for dedicated representation.

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Our Disfigurement Attorney In LA Helps Those Left With Scars After An Accident

Some wounds leave lifelong scars. Scars can be emotionally distressing, and reconstructive or cosmetic surgery can cost thousands. Scaring can preclude certain careers. After a car, motorcycle, truck, or other motor vehicle accident, you may be entitled to financial compensation for a scar or disfigurement that affects your daily life.

It’s best to get legal help by hiring a disfigurement injury lawyer in Los Angeles that lets you heal and move forward while an expert professional handles legal matters. A Los Angeles disfigurement injury lawyer experienced in disfigurement injury claims can investigate the case thoroughly and determine liability for your injury.

Hovik Oganesyan

Hovik Oganesyan

How Does A Disfigurement Injury Claim Work?

You or a loved one may be eligible for compensation if a negligent person caused catastrophic injuries or disfigurement. Reconstructive surgery, skin grafts, plastic surgery, therapy, rehabilitation, and psychiatric counseling can be pricey. Scarring and disfigurement injury attorneys can help you get the best possible outcome. Our Los Angeles, CA disfigurement injury lawyer thoroughly investigates your case to determine your damages.

Why Choose Us?

To protect your interests and secure the compensation you are due, we have assembled a team of top disfigurement attorneys in Los Angeles.

We Give Every Case Personalized Attention

We know that every injury case is different and calls for a tailored strategy. Throughout the duration of your case, you will be given individual attention.

We Believe That Investigation Is Key For A Strong Case

A disfigurement injury attorney in Los Angeles, CA can interview related parties involved, and investigate the injury. This may be significant when proving culpability or neglect.

We Are Just A Phone Call Away

Your road to recovery starts with a simple phone call. Contact us now and take the first step towards securing the justice and compensation you deserve. Remember, you are not alone in this fight – we are just a phone call away.

Being a top 40 Under 40 National Trial Lawyer, Hovik Oganesyan Will Fight To Get You What You Deserve.

We have recovered $6 Million+ for our clients in cases of all types.

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Disfigurement Lawyers In LA Offering The Legal Representation That You Need

If someone else’s negligence caused scars or disfigurement to you or your loved ones, call or submit an online form right now for a free consultation. Ness Law Firm’s Los Angeles disfigurement injury lawyer can advise you on your case’s damages and fight for your full recompense. We will listen to your story and create a customized legal approach to best suit your needs and develop case specific strategies to maximize your compensation benefits. So call us today at (818) 435-9673 and get your case evaluated by our team of experts.


Frequently Asked Question

Is disfigurement considered a disability?

The Americans with Disabilities Act classifies grievous disfigurements as disabilities. This Act recognizes that prejudice and discrimination against individuals with facial disfigurements can make employment difficult or impossible.

Who is liable for the damages?

A catastrophic injury sufferer can sue the perpetrator. Distracted, inebriated, or speeding drivers may be liable for injuries they cause. Owners are liable for catastrophic injuries on their property. Manufacturers are liable for injuries caused by defective products.

What happens if the victim shares responsibility?

Many major injury cases are complex. Shared negligence causes car, slip-and-fall, and other catastrophic incidents. The accident’s cause may lessen the victim’s damages. Someone may be liable for a percentage of the fault or damages if their negligence caused the accident. Simply said, corporations, hospitals, and other negligent institutions may be liable for damages.